Transgender Dating

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Transgender dating includes transgender people with a wide array of personalities. Hey, diversity is a great thing and a big part of why trans dating is so popular. You will meet local transgender folks, transexuals, crossdressers, nonbinary, genderfluid, intersex, androgynous people, along with genetic (cisgender) men and women. Sharing and passion is how we bridge the gap. This is your safe space to explore your transgender attraction.  Read more below…

Local Transgender Dating Members

Transgender Defined

The term transgender means denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex. This can mean you identify with the opposite sex that you were assigned at birth or that you do not identify with either gender at all.

Transgender Dating or Friendship

Transgender Dating Profiles - Meet trans friends or lovers online!

Many trans dating members come seeking friendship rather than romance. Why? Well, sometimes it’s hard to find local transgender friends who understand you in a way that other just couldn’t. Trans friends are great to hang out with and provide a sort of peer support by sharing information and experiences. If you are looking for friends rather than lovers, that is just fine. It makes perfect sense to use transgender dating for the purpose of finding new friends. We should point out the many cisgender men and women have trans friends too. It doesn’t always have to be all about sex. Sometimes it’s fun just to have good friends who aren’t judgmental.

Different Kinds Of Transgender People

There are so many different kinds of trans people. It may be helpful to think of a gender spectrum where the far left is a manly man who strictly adheres to customary male gender roles and has no connection to his feminine side. This is actually extremely rare and honestly would be a burden to bear in life. Most men have at least some connection with their feminine side. The rest of us fall somewhere to the right on that spectrum.

There are straight men who dress up in female clothes (often as a fetish) but have no homosexual or bi-sexual feelings at all, at least that they will admit. There are gay men, known as drag queens, who cross-dress for show and/or to feel attractive. Drag queens generally have no intention of changing their gender. There are transexuals who may or may not intend on having gender reassignment surgery. There are a few other types of transgender people but the primary takeaway point here is to realize not all trans people are the same.  While our focus is on male to female trans people, remember there are many female to male trans people and they are fabulous too!

Men Seeking Trans

Many men seek trans women for sex hookups or long-term relationships. You are in the right place if you’re a guy who admires transgender women! Start with a free membership. Search the local trans dating members to find matches. Sort by your location or preferences. We always recommend you set up your own profile with some nice photos. You never know when someone will reach out and contact you. Don’t worry. The basic membership is free and you can always upgrade anytime you want for full access.

Trans Seeking Trans

Yes, trans people date other transgender folks. It makes sense when you think about it. Romantic attraction isn’t dictated by what’s between your legs or by a gender role. Attraction is in the mind, and some would say in your psyche. Who could possibly understand you better than another transgender person, thus many trans couples unite for beautiful relationships?

Women Seeking Trans

Absolutely! Some women prefer the company and romantic companionship of transgender folks, either MtF or FtM.

Transgender Dating Tip: Pronouns & Terms

Many otherwise well-intentioned people trip themselves up on transgender pronouns or terminology. Never assume that you know what pronouns someone prefers. Ask their pronouns if you’re in any way unsure of what they prefer. Many times they will correct you if you misgender them but that can be pretty discouraging if you’re trying to land a date with that person. Either leave out pronouns until you hear them refer to themselves or just simply ask. They will be much happier if you care enough to ask rather than assume.