Trans Dating Advice

Get advice from real transgender people in the dating world! Are you wondering what to do or how to go about finding dates as a transgender person? You’re certainly not alone. So many people find it overwhelming to date after making that life-changing decision to be more comfortable in your own skin. Not to worry though, We’ve got you covered. We’ve surveyed 100 people and took the top 5 responses to post here. If you have a different question that needs to be answered, please feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form on the Contact Us page!

Advice From Transgender Dating Members

Marissa Trans Dating AdviceMarissa H, Brooklyn, NY  “The most important thing i’ve learned is to really be yourself. It’s easy to get carried away online but being yourself gets many more positive responses. I’m living proof. I found my partner on and we’ve been in love for over a year now.”

Todd- transdating advice
Todd Steinbeck, Oceanside, CA
“I was too shy to reach out and actually talk to someone at first. It seemed unnatural to talk to someone without seeing them face to face. I was really pleased by how polite everyone was. It’s out of the norm for people like me who feel so out of place all the time in a cis-gender society built on right wing beliefs.”

Allison - TransDating AdviceAllison G, Minneapolis, MN “If I could give one piece of advice to someone looking to date in the transgender community, it would be to treat others as you would like to be treated and don’t take everything so personally. TransDating isn’t the same as normal, everyday public interactions, these are people who are just like you and understand what you’re going through while seeking similar things.”

Valerie Transdating Advice
Valerie Costello, Seattle, WA “Honestly, just have fun with it! Don’t take dating too seriously but hope for the best. There’s nothing worse than someone assuming that because you’ve exchanged 8 words that you’re now in a fully commited, monogomous relationship”


Adrienne trans dating advice

Adrienne Bernardo, Houston, TX
“As a trans person in the dating world, we’re always on high alert. We’re always self aware of our actions and fear judgement or being “called out” for whether or not we pass, my advice would be to let go of those inhibitions because they won’t help you on this journey. is a safe place to really show who you are.”